GameStop's New Store Layout Reportedly Revealed

An intriguing video showing a walkthrough of a GameStop store with a fresh new look appears to have revealed the company’s plans for redesigned versions of the retailer’s physical locations. The company announced its intentions earlier in the year to roll out stores focused on new experiences like retro gaming and more, but this video which was posted by an official GameStop account on Facebook seems to be our first look at some of the new designs.

The GameStop Pryor Plaza Facebook went live not long ago with a video that showed someone walking through the interior of a GameStop that looks quite different from the ones we’re used to seeing. Everything has essentially been modernized in the video below with new flooring and furniture giving the GameStop a sleeker appearance. Big TVs were positioned around the building, a couch sat in front of one large display presumably set up to test games, and a retro gaming bay sat at the back of the building with systems like the classic Xbox and the GameCube set up there. Display islands neatly advertised clothing and merch, and the person narrating the video invited people to come in, buy some snacks, and hang out to play some games.

After the video surfaced, the talks online of course turned to GameStop’s previously announced plans to reboot its stores. According to IGN’s sources, this is indeed an example of one of GameStop’s updated stores. The unnamed source confirmed to the site that the layout of the store shown in the video matches up with blueprints which were shown during GameStop’s annual conference. Those sources also confirmed that a test store does exist in Oklahoma which is the state where the video originated.

IGN also reported that its sources said not every GameStop will look like the one shown in the video. This falls in line with GameStop’s previous discussions about its updated stores which said that stores will be geared towards a “unique layout and purpose” to achieve different goals. Stores focused around retro gaming were one of the ideas mentioned while there was also talk of having stores which supported esports events.

This video is the first of what’ll likely be many glimpses into GameStop’s redesign plans as more stores make their debuts. GameStop said in the past that it would roll out these pilot stores in select areas first, so it might be a while before the average person finds one near them.

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