GameStop Will Reportedly Have Nintendo Switch Systems In Stock Tomorrow

Have you been looking for a Nintendo Switch? Hey, so have the rest of us, buddy. But GameStop has [...]


Have you been looking for a Nintendo Switch? Hey, so have the rest of us, buddy. But GameStop has gotten really good at getting Nintendo's latest console in stock, as we were handily able to find a few units in stores a few weeks ago. And it looks like we may just get the opportunity again.

The retailer has recently confirmed that starting tomorrow, August 15th, it intends to have a few more Nintendo Switch systems in stock at a variety of stores. Of course, stock may vary, and it's first come, first serve, but if you rush early enough, you should be able to get your hands on one.

GameStop noted that this would be the first time since the system's launch back in March that all GameStop stores will have the system in stock at the same time – an unprecedented feat considering how much it sells out.

Nintendo Switch will be available for separate purchase in store for $299.99. For those of you who prefer to get online bundles, GameStop will have those as well, offering package deals for $419.99 that include games and extra accessories.

On top of that, the company is also offering a cool trade-in promotion, in case you're looking to get rid of other systems in the hopes of getting your hands on a Nintendo Switch. It's offering $200 trade for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro; as well as $150 for an Xbox One or an Xbox One S; $100 for a New Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 2DS XL, Wii U or PS Vita; and $75 for a Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL. Granted, you have to apply the trade towards a Nintendo Switch, but it gets you one step closer to attaining one for your personal collection. This promotion will be taking place through August 20th, so you'd best hurry.

Congrats to GameStop for being able to offer up Nintendo Switch systems. Get ready, customers – here's your chance to get your hands on one before the crazy fall rush begins. (And don't forget to snag Splatoon 2 as well, yeah?)