These Guys Built Real Gears Of War-Inspired Lancers And We're Not Sure What To Think

The Lancer is easily one of the best in-game weapons out there. We’ve gone through a number of [...]

Gears 2

The Lancer is easily one of the best in-game weapons out there. We've gone through a number of Gears of War games relying on this firearm, whether it's blowing off the heads of enemies from a distance, or getting up close and personal with the chainsaw side of things.

Still, we can't imagine what this weapon would be like in real life – though that obviously didn't stop someone from trying.

Kotaku recently reported that some folks has gone out of their way to make an actual Lancer – and there's a very good chance that they can actually kill you if you get within their range.

Gears 2

As you can see from this photo, this dude has managed to do away with the idea of a bayonet in favor of strapping on a 14" size chainsaw. And even though it's a different color than what you'd normally find on a Lancer (and certainly not covered in blood – hopefully not, anyway), it's still effective, as the weapon, being named the "Firearm Mounted Anti Zombie Device", can still pack quite a punch.

In fact, in the video below, you can see someone taking such a weapon and laying waste to some squash and tree limbs in the process. On the one hand, we can kind of see how it would be great against laying waste to the undead. But, on the other, it utilizes an AR-15, and, as you can see from various terrorist activities that have taken place over the past few months, that's the weapon of choice.

The AR-15 website (yes, there's a website) has a number of these videos, showcasing a number of folks building these weapons and putting them to use. The one below should suffice, though. That squash had it coming.

We're not sure if this means more people are going to suggest building real-life Lancers down the road, but they're definitely leaning more towards the extreme side. They're great in games, but we're not entirely convinced they were needed in real life. We'll likely change our tune when pumpkins begin to rise up and take over the world, though. (They'll soon be carving us!)