Genshin Impact Gameplay Leak Reveals Best Look Yet at Two Unreleased Characters

Yesterday, Genshin Impact's next two characters leaked online. If you didn't see the leak, it [...]

Yesterday, Genshin Impact's next two characters leaked online. If you didn't see the leak, it revealed our first look at Eula and Yanfei. So far, neither of these characters have been officially confirmed, but gameplay for both has since surfaced online, providing our best look at the pair of characters so far. The gameplay footage for both is quite short, but the footage does reveal how each character looks in the actual game and some of the moves both can unleash.

As for the leak itself, it comes the way of prominent Genshin Impact leaker NEP NEP, who was one of the leakers involved in yesterday's leak. Below, you can check out the footage for yourself, though it's important to keep in mind that the footage isn't official or final, which means it should be taken with a little bit of hesitation. That said, it's quite clear that the work on both characters is in the later stages of development.

For what it's worth, players seem excited about both characters, though so far Eula is drawing more attention and anticipation.

As for the characters themselves, Yanfei is said to a be Pyro Catalyst four-star character while Eula is described as a Cyro Claymore five-star character.

As always, take all of this information and all of this media with a grain of salt given that it doesn't come the way of miHoYo itself. While it's nearly impossible to doubt the validity of the footage and information, we don't know when exactly these characters will be added, and of course, there's always the possibility one or both are never added.

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