Gloomhaven TTRPG Announced

A tabletop RPG based on the hit board game Gloomhaven is coming next year. Announced today at PAX Unplugged, the Gloomhaven RPG will provide players with the tools needed to create their own story within the world of Gloomhaven and its sequel Frosthaven. Players will be able to create any mix of character class and ancestries introduced in the game, with combat using the same card-based system as the board game. In fact, the Gloomhaven board game is meant to serve as a toolkit of sorts meant to help build adventures and puzzles. No word on price, but the Gloomhaven RPG will receive a crowdfunding campaign in April. 

Gloomhaven is the currently #1 rated game on BoardGameGeek and has been one of the hottest games in the tabletop industry since its release back in 2019. Each player uses a different character with its own unique skills and end goal. Completing a character's goal sends that character into retirement, but players often unlock new characters and classes by retiring old characters. The game has two distinct phases – a combat phase in which players have to manage cards and complete objectives before their entire party is exhausted – and a town phase, in which players have to make decisions during events and gradually build their reputation (and wealth) over time. A digital version of Gloomhaven is available for Steam and Cephalofair is currently in the midst of fulfilling a successful crowdfunding game for the Gloomhaven sequel Frosthaven. A miniatures line is also planned for the game series. 


Expect to hear more information about the upcoming Gloomhaven RPG in the coming months. The crowdfunding campaign for the new game will launch in April 2023.