Epic God of War Fan Art Turns Kratos Into Spawn

An artist who's a fan of both the God of War games and Todd McFarlane's superhero Spawn combined the two in a fan art creation that imagines the God of War as Spawn himself. Kratos takes on some Norse opponents in the fan art like he might do in the setting of the acclaimed 2018 God of War, but he's got a much different look now that he's outfitted with Spawn's red cape and some sinister green effects accompanying his eyes and attacks.

The artist who goes by the name turtlesalad711 on Reddit shared the crossover between God of War and Spawn on subreddits that might be interested in it. People praised the detail of the fan art and how well it combined the two characters.

The creation also resulted in people looking back fondly only the recent God of War game while pondering about what a modern Spawn game would be like, assuming one was ever made.

Spawn of War - Fanart by me [Image] from r/PS4

This fan art was created for a social media contest that asks people to combine a superhero with a video game character, the creator said. They also shared a version of the artwork at a higher resolution for anyone who wanted to see it.

Kratos has a gruff, no-nonsense personality, so there aren't a ton of superheroes the character could easily merge with for a crossover. Spawn turned out to be a pretty smart choice as made evident by the artwork. Both characters have a certain aura of intensity about them and a knack for aggressiveness. Kratos' personality and his demeanor changed as the video game series progressed, but during his earlier days, you could easily interpret his character as an antihero similar to how Spawn is perceived.


The chains both characters use also create a natural way for them to combine. Kratos may not be much of a cape guy, but his chains are a core part of his character's backstory as much as they're an integral part of Spawn's arsenal.

Even if we never get a new Spawn game or don't get one anytime soon, people will at least be able to play as Spawn again in the coming months through Mortal Kombat 11. With Joker now available in the game, Spawn is the last known DLC character to be released. Mortal Kombat 11 will release the character in early access on March 17th, so expect to see more spotlights on the fighter leading up to that date.