God of War Ragnarok Gameplay Reveals New Abilities

New gameplay footage from the highly-anticipated PlayStation game God of War Ragnarok has today been unveiled. Since first being shown off in a major way last year, PlayStation and developer Santa Monica Studio have continued to keep much of the God of War sequel under wraps. So much so, in fact, that we haven't even seen raw gameplay footage until now. And while it's nice to finally see Ragnarok in action, this gameplay still doesn't highlight much about the title. 

As shared by Game Informer, roughly 90 seconds of new footage from God of War Ragnarok was today shown off. This footage specifically highlighted the realm of Svartalfheim, which is the location in Norse mythology where dwarves reside. Svartalfheim was mentioned in the original God of War, but it wasn't a realm that players could travel to. In Ragnarok, Svartalfheim seems like it will play a rather large role in the events of the game's story, primarily because it remains the one new locale that Santa Monica Studio has chosen to highlight quite a bit. 

You can find the new gameplay video in question attached below:

Outside of simply giving us a look at Svartalfheim, this new God of War Ragnarok gameplay also features some of the new abilities that Kratos will have at his disposal. Specifically, it is shown that he can now freeze geysers through the power found in his Leviathan Axe. He can also use the Blades of Chaos to interact with various objects in the environment that will allow players to access new locations and complete puzzles. For the most part, Svartalfheim is set to be a much more vast location in Ragnarok compared to what was seen in God of War. As such, there will be a lot more to do in this are, specifically in regard to environmental interactions. 

If you didn't already know, the release of God of War Ragnarok is right around the corner on November 9th. When it does arrive, the game will come to both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 platforms. 

What do you think about God of War Ragnarok after having seen this footage? Are you getting more excited about the game as we approach its launch? Share your own impressions with me either down in the comments or on Twitter at @MooreMan12.