God of War Studio Head Joins Stadia Team to Create New Games

While Stadia has been suffering from a lot of problems since its launch in November, the biggest [...]

While Stadia has been suffering from a lot of problems since its launch in November, the biggest issue facing the streaming service is the fact that there just aren't a lot of games. Stadia's line-up is strong, but the options available to stream are all older games that can be played on any of the current-gen consoles. That's causing some developers to think twice about Google's commitment to the console, but the company just made a major investment for Stadia. Google has announced a new development team dedicated to creating new games for the platform, headed by Shannon Studstill. Studstill is the former head of SIE Santa Monica Studio, which is responsible for developing the God of War series, and publishing a number of other hits.

It's a rather bold move for Google, and one that could pay off well for the company, long-term. Stadia has been in desperate need of a win after a slew of stumbles, but the investment shows that they have every interest in building and establishing their brand. Studstill's team in Playa Vista will be the second studio dedicated to creating games for the Stadia platform, with the other located in Montreal. Both of these studios are based in areas known for producing developers, so bringing in someone with an eye for talent like Studstill could be a big help.

Unfortunately, none of this will fix Stadia's immediate problem. Right now, the brand's perception is quite bad, and even if Studstill's team produces the type of quality work SIE Santa Monica is known for, gamers are going to be waiting a bit before seeing results. To truly get the most out of Playa Vista's work, Google is going to have to find a way to get more games on the service at a faster clip, and convince third party publishers that they remain dedicated to gaming.

Regardless of the issue of timing, Studstill is a great pick-up for the company. At the very least, it's a move that should show developers the company is dedicated to working towards the future.

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