Gone Home Is Newest Amazon/Twitch Prime Free Game

The newest game that's available for free for subscribers to Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime is Gone [...]

Gone Home
(Photo: The Fullbright Company via Steam)

The newest game that's available for free for subscribers to Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime is Gone Home, a first-person exploring game that takes players through the mysteries of an empty house.

Controlling a character named Katie, there are no goals that are explicitly stated in the game. Rather, players are turned loose in the environment to navigate the house themselves, searching for clues and messages and any other indication that might help players find out exactly what's going on in the house.

Gone Home creates a deceptively involved journey that causes players to become quite invested in the story as the begin to unearth more clues. Understated parts of the game are what make the homey vibe truly stand out; exploring an unexpectedly abandoned house could quite easily be a creepy, unattractive proposal, but Gone Home creates an environment that actually feels lived in, one that feels like home.

The house looks like someone up and left in a hurry with doors still ajar and belongings scattered about on tables and countertops. But there's something else there that creates the home environment while still maintaining a level of mystery. Notes that are left for Katie by her family are sometimes scratched out and rewritten over, something that probably wouldn't be noticed much if it weren't there, but it makes a difference when it comes to improving the human-like qualities of the game by portraying the ways that people actually live instead of everything being perfectly in place.

Developed by The Fullbright Company with the console edition developed by Midnight City, the game was met with fairly positive reviews after its 2013 release. It received several 10/10 and 5/5 scores from reviewers and was generally well received by the community.

For those that wish to pick up the home explorer for free, all it takes is a subscription to Twitch Prime, one of the perks that come with being an Amazon Prime member. By navigating to the game's page on Twitch, you can claim your free copy after signing into an account that has the Twitch Prime membership.

Gone Home is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.