Konami Code Hidden On Google Stadia Controller

Today, Google unveiled its new gaming initiative, Stadia, an ambitious streaming platform that will allow players to stream all types of games across TVs, tablets, phones, and computer. Alongside the reveal of Stadia, it also debuted a new controller that will accompany the platform. And while the controller doesn't have a name yet, Google did reveal what it looks like. One of the first things you may notice is it copied the DualShock's layout, but what you probably didn't notice is the little easter egg it has on its backside.

More specifically, on the back of the controller and underneath the built-in mic and audio jack, Google slipped in the Konami code, one of the most popular "secret" codes in gaming of all-time.

For those unfamiliar with code, it's a cheat code that appeared in many classic Konami games, and even some non-Konami games. By pressing the above-pictured sequence, players enabled cheats and other effects.

For whatever reason, the code became extremely popular and still serves as a homage of sorts to the third generation of video game consoles, and retro gaming in general. The code is so iconic in fact, that it's written into a number of websites and has been used in mainstream marketing material.

That all said, the reaction from gamers has been a mixed-bag, with many seeing it as nothing more than Google trying to desperately fit in.


As for why Google decided to include this on its controller, who knows. It hasn't said, though you'd assume it's because whoever designed it is a big Konami fan. Or at least that's what I hope happened, and not the alternative: which is Google trying to look cool with gamers.

Google's new Stadia platform is scheduled to release sometime later this year, with more information to come this summer.