Gran Turismo Sport’s Comparison Video Offers A Sweet Looking Ride

Can you believe that it’s been nearly four years now that we’ve seen a new Gran Turismo game [...]


Can you believe that it's been nearly four years now that we've seen a new Gran Turismo game on the market? Gran Turismo 6 arrived on PlayStation 4 quite a while ago, setting a new standard for the racing series while delivering – at the time – unprecedented visuals that really brought the thrill of speeding down a track to life.

But that'll change this fall when Gran Turismo Sport arrives on PlayStation 4, upping the ante for the series even further with exquisite graphics (especially on the PlayStation 4 Pro), unmatched gameplay and a plethora of activities that will really make you feel like conquering the road.

To give you an idea of just how much the game has improved, a YouTube user by the name of RajmanGamingHD has posted a comparison video between Gran Turismo 6 and Gran Turismo Sport, due to his access to a closed beta for the game. And, as you can see, there's almost a world of difference between the two versions.

While the car detail is about the same (save for the light coming from the sun, which looks a lot better in Sport), the track looks a whole lot better, with more use of colors and more details scattered around, like hot air balloons floating overhead and a more dynamic sunset. You can also see less clipping in the PS4 version of the Will Springs: Big Willow track, and that allows more of the details to shine.

RajmanGamingHD noted that his version of Gran Turismo Sport was based on the PlayStation 4 Pro, so the graphics might differ just a little bit for PlayStation 4 default players. But, yeah, it'll still look better than the PS3 version of the track.

Other tracks in the game may vary, but, thus far, Gran Turismo Sport is looking pretty damn sweet based on closed beta feedback, and, who knows, Sony could very well announce an open beta very soon, where players can scoot around tracks in dreamy sports cars to their heart's content. Fingers crossed that it'll happen, because, hey, we want to drive as well!

Gran Turismo Sport will release later this year for PlayStation 4.