Grand Theft Auto Movie With Massive Star Was Reportedly Rejected by Rockstar Games

A Grand Theft Auto movie was in the cards for Rockstar Games at one point, but it rejected what could have been one of the most interesting video game adaptations. For years, fans have wondered if Rockstar Games would ever make a Grand Theft Auto movie or TV series given many other franchises are going that route. GTA is already a very cinematic series that has pulled from some of the most iconic crime and action films ever produced, such as Heat. However, Rockstar Games doesn't seem to have an interest for a number of reasons. One, you'd basically just be remaking the movies that inspired the games. Two, Rockstar probably doesn't want to give up creative control of its biggest money maker to a Hollywood studio. And three, Grand Theft Auto strives because it's an open world playground that puts you in control of the chaos. However, it was considered at one point.

According to Kirk Ewing, the mind behind Rockstar's State of Emergency and friend of studio co-founders Sam and Dan Houser, a GTA movie was close to happening. Ewing told BBC podcast Bugzy Malone's Grandest Game that the success of Grand Theft Auto 3 had Rockstar contemplating a film adaptation and that they were approached by an LA producer to make it a reality. The film would've starred rapper Eminem fresh off of 8 Mile and been directed by the legendary Tony Scott who made films like Top Gun. Needless to say, it would've been backed by some pretty talented names, however, the Housers turned it down. As far as Ewing knows, they never entertained the idea of a Grand Theft Auto movie after this, realizing the games would be bigger than any film could be.

Given Grand Theft Auto V has sold over 170 million copies and is the second highest selling game of all-time, that's probably a correct assumption. The developer is already hard at work on the next Grand Theft Auto, though it's unclear when we might see it. A leak for the game revealed hours of in-development footage, but the developer claimed it would not cause any significant setbacks to the development.

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