GTA 6 Video Leaks Reportedly Show Off Gameplay Details and More

UPDATE: Rockstar has responded to the leaks confirming their authenticity. Tons of purported footage from Grand Theft Auto VI has leaked online, revealing the first looks at the game's two protagonists, a robbery, and much, much more. Grand Theft Auto VI is one of the most anticipated games of all time as it plans to follow up on the second best-selling game to date. It has sold billions of dollars worth of copies, met the praises of critics and fans alike, and has been a cultural touchstone for the gaming industry for nearly a decade. With that said, the bar is high and fans are hungry for this game. Although Rockstar Games has confirmed that it's working on a new Grand Theft Auto game, people want a trailer, a logo, or something to help the wait go by with more ease.

Well, likely to Rockstar's fury, a bunch of Grand Theft Auto VI gameplay seems to have leaked. The leak comes from GTAForums user teapotuberhacker, who claims to have been responsible for a massive Uber hack that just recently happened. The leak includes 90 videos, all from various points throughout development. While some are just a character walking or testing some technical stuff, there are a few interesting tidbits to pull. The most notable video features the rumored Bonnie and Clyde-like couple (supposedly named Lucia and Jason) robbing a diner, Pulp Fiction-style, and doing crowd control before the cops arrive. Another video shows a character walking with a pistol in their hand and a rifle on their back, suggesting Rockstar will be using the Red Dead Redemption 2 inventory system that only lets you keep a couple of weapons on you at a time. Previous GTA games let you carry a full arsenal in an invisible pocket, but that may be going away with this new entry. A different video shows off one of Rockstar's proprietary tools in action, further lending some credibility to the leak. It also appears like the game will feature incredibly dense crowds based on one video in a strip club.

It's extremely important to emphasize that some of these videos date back to 2021 and if real, this represents a work in progress for a game that will not release for years. Therefore, do not expect it to blow your hair back with the world's greatest graphics or details. Of course, this could all be one big elaborate fake, so take it with a grain of salt. GTAForums users are currently debating whether it's authentic or not, but many have noted the amount of effort it would take to get the voice actors, create the systems at play here, and more.

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