Ex-Rockstar Games Developer Explains Why GTA 6 Hasn't Been Revealed Yet

At the moment of publishing, Rockstar Games has not revealed or even confirmed GTA 6, and it looks [...]

At the moment of publishing, Rockstar Games has not revealed or even confirmed GTA 6, and it looks like Grand Theft Auto fans hoping to see the game soon are going to be thoroughly disappointed. That said, former Rockstar Games producer, Darion Lowenstein, has shed some light on why the Grand Theft Auto makers haven't revealed the newest entry in the series yet, and as you would expect, Lowenstein theorizes there are multiple reasons why we are getting GTA 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series X next year, and not GTA 6.

"Because I used to produce games for Rockstar, tons of people are asking me why, at the PlayStation 5 event, did we get an announcement of an updated GTA 5, and not GTA 6, said Lowenstein over on Tik Tok. "Honestly, from a development standpoint, there are a couple of good reasons. I've made a lot of games for new consoles, it's really hard. Tech is constantly changing, and it's really hard to make a AAA game at launch.

Lowenstein continued, talking about how porting GTA 5 is an easy, safe bet for Rockstar Games:

"Second, like I said before, the constantly updating a pre-existing game, making it prettier, is WAY cheaper, way easier than an all-new one. So, if I had to guess, GTA 6 just isn't ready, and GTA 5 will provide a lot of income, and an experience everyone already knows and loves, within a year of the PS5 launching."

Of course, it's highly unlikely Lowenstein has any inside information about the current state of GTA 6's development, but everything said here still applies. There's a reason launch games are typically nowhere to be seen in the retrospective conversation about a generation's best games. For one, they don't fully utilize the console's capabilities, and two, not only is making AAA games incredibly hard, having it be at the launch of a console makes it even harder.

While Grand Theft Auto 6 hasn't been officially announced, it's obviously currently in development at Rockstar Games, likely for both PS5 and Xbox Series X. For more news, rumors, leaks, and every other type of information on the rumored game, click here.