GTA 6 Rumors Sparked By Rockstar Games Stuntman

While Grand Theft Auto VI -- popularly known as GTA 6 -- hasn't been announced or confirmed by [...]

While Grand Theft Auto VI -- popularly known as GTA 6 -- hasn't been announced or confirmed by Rockstar Games, there's been many rumors and leaks about the inevitable PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC game. And given that GTA 5 is the second best-selling game of all time, this isn't very surprising. People are hungry for more Grand Theft Auto, and with an increasing amount of rumors, leaks, reports, and scuttlebutt about a new installment, it looks like we may finally see the hypothetical game soon, or at least that's what many fans are hoping.

This week, many are pointing towards an Instagram post from an industry stuntman who has worked with Rockstar Games in the past. More specifically, Grand Theft Auto fans recently circled around an Instagram post from Tim Neff, who posted a photo of doing motion capture work and holding guns. Now, Neff is a prolific actor and stuntman attached to a lot of projects, so this post could be for a lot of things, but given the model of the guns being held, some think the photo matches up with the reports of a 80s set GTA 6. Now, this is nothing more than speculation, but it was speculation making the rounds, and now it's making the rounds even more because Neff has since deleted the post.

Now, it's unclear why Neff has deleted the post, but it's presumably because of the speculation that swallowed it up. To some, this gives a boost to the claims; that it was for Grand Theft Auto VI. However, Neff could have deleted it for many reasons. For one, he could have been tired of the notifications and GTA fans blowing up his Instagram. Meanwhile, given that it was being mistaken as a possible GTA 6 leak, Neff may have made the professional decision to delete it in order not cause any more confusion. Or it's possible Rockstar Games asked Neff to remove the post or maybe it's none of these things. Unfortunately, all we can do right now is speculate.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. When do you think we will see the next installment of Grand Theft Auto? And what era and setting do you want to see from it?