Grand Theft Auto 6 Leak Has GTA Fans Excited, But Is It Fake?

A new Grand Theft Auto 6 and Rockstar Games leak has GTA fans excited, but unfortunately, it [...]

A new Grand Theft Auto 6 and Rockstar Games leak has GTA fans excited, but unfortunately, it smells like a fake. However, this hasn't stopped it from making the rounds within the Grand Theft Auto community and being picked up by many as a genuine leak. As for the leak itself, it comes the way of a music producer and Twitter user by the name of Chiko Kan, who recently shared an email that is reportedly from Richard Barnes, Head of International Communications at Rockstar Games.

In the email, Barnes invites Kan to work with Rockstar Games to help curate music for the developer's "upcoming projects in 2021," one of which is going to be "HUGE." The alleged email doesn't reveal much else of note and it doesn't refer to any single IP, but the prevailing assumption is the "HUGE" project refers to GTA 6.

Below, you can check out the email for yourself:

If this leak is legit, it suggests either GTA 6 will be revealed this year or even release this year, though we know the latter is practically impossible at this point for a variety of reasons. Again, this could be for something related to GTA Online or something completely brand new, but the safe bet would be that HUGE is a reference to GTA 6.

All of that said, this seems fake. For one, the color of the text between the second and third paragraphs isn't even the same color. That's a pretty big red flag, but it's not the only red flag. The other red flag is the fact that Barnes left Rockstar Games in 2019. Neither of these red flags by themselves 100 percent and utterly debunk the leak, but combined they get as close to definitively debunking it as you can get.

If the email is real and relatively new, then Kan probably hasn't gone through the NDA process yet, which is why he could share it on Twitter. However, it can't be new because Barnes hasn't been at Rockstar Games since 2019.

There are a lot of holes in this leak, but that hasn't stopped it from making the rounds. At the moment of publishing, Kan hasn't responded to the criticism of the leak and Rockstar Games hasn't commented on the situation in any capacity. As a result, GTA fans are left with nothing but speculation and a dubious-looking email.