New GTA Online Challenge Promises Players a Surprise Reward

GTA Online players have been tasked once again with completing a community challenge in exchange for a reward, but this time, Rockstar Games isn't telling players what they stand to win. Instead, Rockstar teased in the latest GTA Online weekly update that players who partake in The Heist Challenge that's going on starting now will have to accumulate a staggering GTA$2 trillion as a community if they hope to succeed in this year's challenge. Should they be able to do so, players will get a "special reward coming later this year."

If that seems like a lot of money, it is, but players have come together to pilfer lots of money before in GTA Online. Rockstar reminded players that just two years ago, players pulled off a successful challenge where they crossed the GTA$1 trillion threshold, so this year, Rockstar is asking players to double that.

"Two years ago, the GTA Online community obliterated our GTA$100 billion target in The Heist Challenge and pulled down a staggering GTA$1 trillion," Rockstar said. "This year, to put a proper cap on The Heists Event, we are putting out a call across Los Santos and Blaine County for all thieves, wheelmen, hackers, and Heist tacticians to double the previous efforts."

So, players don't know what the "special reward" waiting at the end of the event is just yet, but if it's for a challenge asking players to hit this kind of community goal, it's hopefully something worthwhile. If you want to take part, you can start putting in work during the Heist Finales starting now and will have until November 30th to contribute. That's not a lot of time, but we'll know soon if players were able to hit their mark since the event ends in just over a week.

"Take part in any Heist Finale now through November 30 to bag your part towards the community goal," Rockstar said. "Whichever Heist you're scoping out, bear in mind that all players can earn 2X GTA$ and RP on The Pacific Standard Job this week (and also receive the Pacific Standard Sweater for completing the Finale)."

GTA Online's big heist event is live now for players to participate in.