GTA Online Update Adds New Vehicle and a Rare, Free Item

GTA Online’s weekly update has arrived as of Thursday with a new vehicle added to the game along with another free item. That vehicle is the Vapid Slamtruck, a vehicle that doubles as a ramp for players to conveniently use whenever they need to catch some air. While most weekly updates give away some sort of free item, this week’s free Faded Vapid Tee is a bit different in that it’s not going to be available for everyone.

Rockstar Games shared the latest on the GTA Online update this week with the new truck being the headliner for the newest additions. You can pick up the Vapid Slamtruck if you’ve got the money for it by paying a visit to Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

“Due to a recent spate of accidents involving this model, Vapid wants to remind any potential buyers that a common side effect of driving the Slamtruck is the constant stream of idiots attempting to clear your ramp on the freeway,” Rockstar Games said about the new vehicle. “See one coming? For the love of god, duck.”

That’s not the only Vapid item available this week either. In addition to the new vehicle, players can get the Faded Vapid Tee mentioned previously at no additional cost. The only catch is that you have to already be a Vapid fan by acquiring a Vapid Tee during a past GTA Online event. If you meet that requirement, you’ll get what Rockstar Games describes as a “rare” shirt added to your collection.


“Brand loyalty is a valuable commodity these days,” Rockstar Games said. “As a reward for their continued allegiance, players who already claimed the Vapid Tee during a previous GTA Online event will receive a rare Faded Vapid Tee, free of charge. This is the kind of irreplaceable vintage that collectors pay top dollar for – cherish it accordingly.”

New vehicles and shirts aside, the weekly update also brought the same kinds of expected bonuses and discounts for players to partake in. By spending time in the Bunker Series modes and the game’s Gunrunning Sales, you’ll earn twice the GTA$ and the RP, but only for a limited time until new bonuses come next week. Things like Bunkers and Bunker modifications are on sale this week along with a couple of discounts on other Vapid vehicles.