Halo Infinite Update Makes Both Multiplayer and Campaign Changes

A new Halo Infinite update has made both multiplayer and campaign changes to the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC game. Most notably, with the update 343 Industries has made changes to skill jumps and semi-automatic weapons, and it's also finally fixed the tank gun glitch. Unfortunately, what the update does not include is any new content for the 2021 game nor any new features. 

We know everything the update does because 343 Industries and Xbox have gone ahead and released the patch notes for the update, which not only reveals every tweak, but details every tweak as well. The pair have also relayed word that the file size of the update is roughly 2 GB large, which means it should be a quick-and-easy download.

Below, you can check out the patch notes in their entirety:


  • Various skill jumps that relied on small props or thin ledges have been restored to the following maps: Aquarius, Bazaar, Live Fire, and Streets
  • Semi-automatic weapons, like the Battle Rifle, should no longer "jam" or fail to fire after continuous firing.
  • Wasps on the map Highpower will now only respawn two minutes after being destroyed.
  • The Overshield will now be available at the start of matches on the map Bazaar.
  • Zones in Total Control, Land Grab, and King of the Hill should no longer enter a state in which neither team is able to capture it.
  • Fireteam members in Big Team Battle (BTB) matches will have the selected Fireteam Marker color.
  • Scorpion Tanks and Wraiths will be dropped off by Pelicans more frequently in BTB matches.
  • Join in progress rules have been improved so players are less likely to enter matchmaking sessions that are nearly complete.
  • The Rakshasa armor core no longer appears incorrectly in the Customize menus after setting the Body Type option to 1 or 2. 


  • The "tank gun" glitch in the Outpost Tremonius mission has been restored.
  • Collecting Spartan Cores now consistently increases the amount of available Equipment Points in the TacMap. Prior to the Season 2 update on May 3rd, Campaign had a bug in which Equipment upgrades deducted less Spartan Cores than required. For example, an upgrade that was supposed to cost 3 Spartan Cores would only deduct 1. This bug never deducted more Spartan Cores than needed so players sometimes ended up with "extra" Spartan Cores. The Season 2 update was unintentionally removing "extra" Spartan Cores from players upon picking up new ones. This fix will allow players to keep "extra" Spartan Cores rather than correcting them.  


  • Changes to the Speed Lines option in the Video tab of the Settings menu are now reflected in-game.
  • A recent Gaming Services update improved the stability of the Microsoft Store and Xbox app versions of Halo Infinite on PC. This update was released on May 11th, and may have been automatically installed.

Halo Infinite is available via PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. For more coverage on the sci-fi first-person shooter, click here.