Halo: The Master Chief Collection Microtransactions Being "Explored" by 343 Industries

343 Industries has announced that it is exploring the idea of microtransactions in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, an eight-year-old game that has largely done everything it can to be the definitive Halo experience. In December, 343 Industries released Halo Infinite and although the gameplay was fantastic, the story was solid, and it had a lot of the right ideas, the live service elements of the game were slammed by fans. Unlocks and progression were made difficult due to an obtuse challenge system that made things incredibly slow, series staples like co-op and forge were missing from the game at launch and still have yet to be added into it, and much more. Needless to say, people were very upset with 343 and it seems like fans are already finding another reason to get angry with the developer.

In a new blog post, 343 Industries announced it will be turning Season Points into "Spartan Points" and talked about how it has added a ton of content into the game from maps to cosmetics. 343 went on to note that it is "internally exploring" the idea of purchasable Spartan Points so players both new and old to Halo: The Master Chief Collection can buy items they missed, grab specific items without grinding, and so on. The developer also stated it's happy with its current progression systems in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, but wants to add on a new option for players. 

"For players who are new to the MCC, or who may not have dedicated much time specifically to unlocking items during the seasonal updates, or are simply completionists looking to catch the last outstanding items they need, we are internally exploring a potential new feature for the future in the form of purchasable Spartan Points. It is prudent to note here that we are happy with the current system of how players earn Spartan Points, by completing challenges and levelling up through play. This would be an optional, additive alternative for players who might find the vast scope of content to be an intimidating amount of playtime and want to get ahead on (or skip) the grind, or maybe want to grab specific items they want (we all have our favorites!)"

Of course, some fans are not happy because microtransactions are seen as a bit of a nuisance from the gaming community, especially in premium titles. Although it sounds like you'll still be able to earn these points through normal means, it has been cause for concern. Regardless, given the wording suggests that 343 is just "exploring" the idea, it's possible community feedback could cause 343 to change its mind.

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