Halo TV Series Reveals New Images of Covenant, Cortana, and Weapons

As 2020 comes to a close, the team at 343 Industries has opted to lift the curtain one last time [...]

As 2020 comes to a close, the team at 343 Industries has opted to lift the curtain one last time and inform Halo fans of what they can expect from the franchise in the future. Fortunately, this has led to us getting one of our first looks at what the Halo TV series that's currently in the works at Showtime will have in store.

Highlighted on the official Halo website, 343 has now revealed four new pictures from the forthcoming TV show. While none of these images in question showed off the set or actual stills from filming, they did contain some rather notable pieces of iconography that longtime fans are sure to recognize.

Halo TV Series Covenant Hand
(Photo: 343 Industries)

The first of these four pictures focuses on what looks to be the hand of a Covenant soldier. The model is wrapped in plastic and seems to belong to that of an Elite or Jackal, which are two enemy types that players have likely come to know from the video game series. It's unknown just what this prop is being used for, but it looks as though Halo will definitely be sticking close to the source material with character designs.

The second of these images merely features Jen Taylor, who is the longtime voice of the character Cortana. Taylor was recast into the role of Cortana last month and is seen sitting in a chair that features the recognizable AI's name on the back.

Lastly, the third and fourth pictures are ones that give us a taste of what to expect from the UNSC in the TV series. One of these screenshots simply features a transportation crate with the logo of the UNSC emblazoned upon it. Perhaps most notable of all, the final picture features an entire row of battle rifles that are instantly recognizable. These weapons look identical to the ones found in the video game franchise and have been a staple of this universe ever since the item was introduced in Halo 2.

Halo TV Series Battle Rifles
(Photo: 343 Industries)

All in all, while there's not a lot to break down about the potential quality of Showtime's Halo TV show based on what we were shown, these new pictures at least give us hope that the series is going to nail the visual aesthetic of this universe. While we likely won't hear anything more substantial about Halo until 2021, you can continue to follow along with our coverage of the TV show right here.

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