Hello Neighbor Gets Official Release Date, New AI Trailer

TinyBuild has had a rather impressive line-up of games lately, but one of its bigger hits of 2017 [...]


TinyBuild has had a rather impressive line-up of games lately, but one of its bigger hits of 2017 is on the way – and it's bound to leave a menacing glare into your soul.

The publisher has announced that it will release the first-person adventure game Hello Neighbor on August 29th for Xbox One and PC through Steam. In the game, you portray a poky little house dweller who finds that his or her neighbor may be up to no good – so you set out to get a peek at what's possibly happening next door. The problem is, your neighbor may be watching you as well – and that could spell trouble down the road.

In addition to announcing the new release date for the forthcoming game, TinyBuild has also revealed a new trailer that highlights what kind of behavior the AI is capable of, depending on the actions you take in Hello Neighbor. The AI is noted as having "advanced self-learning," which "learns from your every move" and then adapts its behavior. For instance, if it knows that you're spying on the neighbor, they'll react and come after you with a vengeance – and that's just the beginning of their behavior patterns.

The game has been quite a darling at conventions over the past years, mainly due to the creepy demeanor that your neighbor gives off when you're trying to spy on them. Their glare is the kind of stuff that could easily shake you for a loop, and actually make you feel like you're actually being stalked as you attempt to get away from them. That's what you get for trying to be curious, you snoopy person, you.

The game doesn't have a finalized price yet, but it could be around $25, since that's what current updates for the available build on Steam right now go for. We'll let you know once a price is finalized – as well as what your neighbor might very well be capable of. Just a quick note – you may not want to try this in real life if your neighbor looks like an absolute creeper.

Check out the AI gameplay trailer below!