Hitman 3 Developer Guarantees PC Players Won't Need to Purchase Previous Games Again to Import Levels

One of the coolest aspects of Hitman 3 is that it will allow players to import all of the levels [...]

One of the coolest aspects of Hitman 3 is that it will allow players to import all of the levels from the first two games assuming that they have previously purchased them. However, this feature has become a bit trickier to implement on PC given that this week's release of Hitman 3 is going to be only available on the Epic Games Store. Many who have purchased Hitman 1 and 2 on other PC marketplaces have wondered if they'll still be able to import the previous levels, and now, it seems as though a solution is incoming.

Detailed by IO Interactive on social media, it was said that the studio is working with its "partners to allow PC players to own Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 to import locations from those games into Hitman 3 at no additional cost." The developer went on to give players a guarantee that it won't require those who have bought the previous installments to do so again. That being said, a proper fix to this ordeal might take a bit longer to come about.

IO Interactive's statement went on to say that the feature that will let users carry over all of the levels from past Hitman games won't be rolling out until the "coming weeks." In the interim though, the developer is giving users on PC who buy Hitman 3 within its first ten days after launch access to the GOTY pass from Hitman 1. This should then give buyers all of the levels to the first game, at the very least.

The real problem with this whole situation seems to center around that of Hitman 2. For those unaware, the game itself hasn't actually been released on the Epic Games Store up until this point. With that in mind, the way in which players would then have to transfer that game's content over to Hitman 3 becomes a bit more complicated. Not to mention, Hitman 2 was published by WB Games rather than IO Interactive itself, which is publishing the third entry. This might present more problems as well and has created a situation for IOI that is somewhat out of its own control.

Even though this feature won't be implemented at launch, it's good to see that IO Interactive is at the very least trying to find a solution quickly. We'll keep you up to date with this whole situation as more information becomes available. Until that time, you can continue following all of our coverage related to Hitman 3 here.