'Hitman' Is Coming to Hulu, New Series Led by 'John Wick' Creator

It's official, the Hitman franchise is coming to the popular streaming service Hulu! Fox 21 and Hulu have revealed in an exclusive to Deadline that the new series is green-lit and officially in the works. The pilot script is already underway with John Wick creator Derek Kolstad at the helm, putting the very beginning stages of this new porject in very good hands.

Alongside Kolstad, Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon will be taking charge with Fox 21's Bert Salke, Gloria Fan, Kira Innes, and Jane Francis to oversee the project. Hulu's own Jordan Helman will also be involved all in the hopes of making this series the "next big thing" for Hulu.

The Hitman franchise first made its big splash back in 2000 with an engagingly turbulent tale surrounding Agent 47. This deadly assassin was much more than what meets the eye, shrouded in mystery with a brutal efficiency.

"There is a world beyond ours. Beyond nations, justice, ethics. It never sleeps. It exists everywhere. And once you enter....there is no going back. Welcome to the World of Assassination. You are Agent 47, the world's ultimate assassin."

The Hitman franchise has already churned out two major films - 2007's Hitman and 2015's Hitman: Agent 47 - from the team over at Fox and the Hulu series aims to take that presences and incorporated it into a fleshed out series. There is no official word yet as to when the new franchise will set to air, but since it is still in its early stages of development fans can expect it to be quite some time before the first episode makes its grand debut. There is no other word about the new project at this time.

(h/t Deadline)