Hollow Knight Gets New Nintendo Switch Gameplay, Free Expansion Incoming

If you’re a PC gamer, you might have run across this fantastic looking game last year by the [...]

If you're a PC gamer, you might have run across this fantastic looking game last year by the name of Hollow Knight. It's a tough as nails Metroidvania style adventure that features exquisite visuals, as well as enthralling gameplay.

If you're not, however, don't worry – you'll get a second chance to experience everything that game has to offer, as it'll be making its way to Nintendo Switch sometime this year. And to show you just how well the game runs on it, the developers at Team Cherry have posted a new video that shows it in action.

The video can be seen above, and features off-screen gameplay, which isn't quite the same as direct capture, but still gives you a pretty good idea of what's in store for its release. As you can see, the graphics are quite beautiful on the small Nintendo Switch screen, and it will also run pretty well in docked mode too, as the team is working on making sure it runs at 60 frames per second. Wow…this game will look even better than its PC counterpart, at that rate.

That's not all, as the developer has also noted that previously released versions of Hollow Knight will also be patched to run just as well as the Switch version, although a date hasn't been given for said patch just yet.

Along with that, the developer will also release a new expansion called Gods & Glory, which will be available for free. The teaser trailer for this expansion is below, and, according to the developer, it will be "an epic celebration of Hallownest's Glory and the final chapter of the Knight's journey." It will also introduce a new character by the name of Godseeker, along with a huge new quest, filled with new bosses and music. A new game mode will also be available as well, and although Team Cherry didn't say what it was, it did say that it was "long requested and is a classic for the genre." New Game +, perhaps?

Hollow Knight is set to release sometime this spring for Nintendo Switch. If you can't wait that long, you can get the PC version now.