Horizon Forbidden West DLC May Be On the Way

Many Horizon Forbidden West players may now be wrapping up their playthroughs of the game – or at least their first playthrough – but it looks like there might be some more content coming in the form of DLC to be released at a later date. A reference to this potential DLC was made in a recent age rating guide for the game provided by the VSC Rating Board, though no DLC or anything of that nature has officially been announced at this time.

The video below includes the reference to DLC for Horizon Forbidden West. The VSC Rating Board's video about the age rating for the game and why it received that rating talks about "the opportunity to connect to an online storefront" where players can "purchase subsequent DLC expansions."

The wording used in the video doesn't specify players can by "the" DLC expansions as if it were referring to one or two specific instances or DLC, but rather leaves the door open for there to be DLC in the future. That's of course not a confirmation, but it's as close as we've gotten so far to any mentioning of DLC for Horizon Forbidden West.

For those who played through Horizon Zero Dawn and that game's subsequent DLC, it shouldn't be hard to imagine that the newer game might get DLC as well. Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds was a pretty sizable expansion released for Horizon Zero Dawn and was met with rave reviews from those who'd played through the base game and wanted a comparable, if a bit smaller, continuation of the gameplay they'd grown accustomed to. Horizon Zero Dawn also did not feature microtransactions which likely made The Frozen Wilds feel like a much more worthwhile DLC for players to look forward to instead of having to consider several smaller purchases as well.

Since Horizon Forbidden West released, the game's gotten a couple of updates already to improve performance among other changes. We'll likely see several more of those before we get any mentions of DLC seeing how the game just came out recently.

Horizon Forbidden West is now available on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms. You can check out our review of the game here as well as a round-up here of what other people had to say about it.