Horizon Zero Dawn Developer Seemingly Working on Secret Project for PS5

All eyes might currently be on developer Guerrilla Games because of its work on the upcoming [...]

All eyes might currently be on developer Guerrilla Games because of its work on the upcoming sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, which is known as Horizon Forbidden West, but it looks as though the studio is currently toiling away on another project behind the scenes. While it remains to be seen what this new game might be, it seems to have been worked on in some capacity since 2018.

News of this new title from Guerrilla Games comes by way of Simon Larouche, who is a Game Director at the studio. Recently discovered on Larouche's LinkedIn profile, the director, who has been with the company since February of 2018, notes that he is presently working on an "unannounced title". No other details of the game itself, outside of its existence, were given by Larouche on his profile. "Secret game is secret!" he noted of its identity in a playful manner.

As a whole, this is something that shouldn't be all of that surprising. In recent years, the team at Guerrilla has grown quite considerably in size, especially in the wake of Horizon Zero Dawn becoming quite successful. While a larger portion of the studio might currently be working on Forbidden West, Guerrilla is large enough to begin work on another game in the background, which seems to be what is happening here.

Even though details are sparse, in all likelihood, this might be a title from Guerrilla that will be developed entirely with the PlayStation 5 in mind. Unlike Horizon Forbidden West, which is coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, the fact that we haven't yet heard about this mysterious title means that it will surely be next-gen only. After all, support for the PS4 will eventually end, even though Sony has shown that it is looking to support the console for a longer period of time than previously expected.

As for Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla still hasn't given the action-adventure title a release date, but it says it hopes to release it in the latter part of 2021. Perhaps once this game ends up hitting store shelves, we'll start to hear more about this additional project that the studio is developing.

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