Horizon: Forbidden West Reveals Stunning First PS5 Screenshots

The PlayStation 5 live stream completely blew fans away on Thursday, with the help of trailers for [...]

The PlayStation 5 live stream completely blew fans away on Thursday, with the help of trailers for some highly-anticipated video game titles. Perhaps one of the biggest surprises was the first trailer for Horizon: Forbidden West, the long-awaited follow up to Horizon Zero Dawn. The teaser trailer showed fans a whole new corner of Aloy's world, with the help of some genuinely breathtaking visuals. If you want to bask in the aesthetics of Forbidden West even more, the game's developer, Guerilla, is here to help. The studio took to Twitter to share some gorgeous hi-res screenshots from the trailer, which you can check out below.

Horizon Zero Dawn first made its debut in 2017, and quickly mesmerized fans with its unique, post-apocalyptic fantasy world. While it's still unclear exactly what the plot of the game will be, it's clear that Aloy's journey will take her into some wildly different new locales, complete with some underwater and forest settings.

"It's incredible, wait until you see the sequel," Janina Gavankar, who voiced Tatai in Zero Dawn's Frozen Wilds expansion teased last year. "You're gonna die....I know some secrets! – you're gonna die."

As you would expect, Aloy is back and so is the Decima Engine, Guerrilla Games' in-house engine most recently put to use by Death Stranding. Despite being a few years old, Horizon Zero Dawn remains one of the best looking games on PS4, which is partially thanks to the aforementioned engine. And thus it should come as no surprise the game looks stunning on PS5.

In addition to the improvements made to the engine, the PS5's SSD is also going to be a huge difference-maker for the sequel, given that it's a large open-world game. Not only will the game's world load multiple times faster, which will lead to less pop-in, but the freedom the SSD gives Guerrilla Games in terms of data replication will allow it to push its post-apocalyptic world in ways not possible on PS4.

Horizon: Forbidden West was just one of many games announced during the PS5 live-stream, including Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Grand Theft Auto V, Gran Turismo 7, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Project Athia, Stray, Returnal, NBA 2K21, Godfall, Goodbye Volcano High, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Oddworld Soulstorm, Sackboy A Big Adventure, Destruction AllStars, Bugsnax, Little Devil Inside, Resident Evil 8, DEATHLOOP, Demon's Souls, Solar Ash, JETT: The Far Shore, and GhostWire: Tokyo.

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