Horizon Zero Dawn Is Now A Major Sony Franchise With Years Of Content Planned

Horizon Zero Dawn is easily the biggest breakout game of 2017 thus far, and it’s unlikely to be [...]

(Photo: Sony)

Horizon Zero Dawn is easily the biggest breakout game of 2017 thus far, and it's unlikely to be topped by year's end. As a new IP Horizon Zero Dawn was a bit overshadowed by other big titles prior to launch, but it's been a very consistent seller for Sony over the past few months, moving nearly 3.5 million copies to date.

Well, apparently, Sony and Guerilla Games are betting heavily on the fledgling franchise. In a recent interview with British newspaper The Telegraph, Sony Interactive Entertainment's American president Shawn Layden let slip some of the company's big plans for Horizon Zero Dawn

"The Guerrilla team have spent 10 or 12 years on the Killzone franchise and Horizon Zero Dawn could not be more different from Killzone if it had tried. When they said they wanted to come up with an open world, heavily nature based kind of game using all the different colors they had never used in Killzone, it was a big stretch goal for them but they nailed it.

The reception for the game has been fantastic. Guerrilla Games boss Hermen Hulst has got a very keen mind on where he wants to take Horizon and what the roadmap is – and that roadmap is expressed in multiple years. I think we'll be in the Horizon business for a long time."

Feel free to stay in the Horizon business for as long as you want, Sony! The company recently announced the Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC at E3 2017. Here's the official description for the expansion:

Beyond the northern mountains, the borderlands of the Banuk tribe challenge all who dare enter to survive the extremes. But now this frozen wilderness harbors a new threat, and for Aloy, a new mystery – one she's determined to solve. The Frozen Wilds contains additional content for Horizon Zero Dawn, including new storylines, characters and experiences in a beautiful but unforgiving new area.

  • Uncover a compelling new story
  • Explore a brand new area
  • Face new machines

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds casts a chill on PS4 later this year.

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