'HQ Trivia' Host Scott Rogowsky Is Leaving The Show

Last month, beloved HQ Trivia host, Scott Rogowsky, announced that he was taking a second hosting [...]

(Photo: Intermedia Labs)

Last month, beloved HQ Trivia host, Scott Rogowsky, announced that he was taking a second hosting gig. And now a few weeks later, and after a prolonged absence from the trivia show, it's been revealed that Rogowsky is leaving the company behind, and going forward will be solely focusing on his new MLB show, "ChangeUp."

According to TMZ, the departure is partially, if not wholly, due to the fact that HQ was unwilling to let Rogowsky host ChangeUp while hosting HQ Trivia. In other words, they didn't want him splitting his time between two jobs, and so Rogowsky left HQ Trivia, which has been declining for awhile now. More specifically, it was CEO Rus Yusupov who was unwilling to compromise, despite the best efforts of Rogowsky to strike an agreement that would see him host the show on weekends.

That said, while talks didn't go Rogowsky's way, the former HQ host insists there's no bad feelings involved.

"Nothing in my decade-plus entertainment career has meant more to me personally and professionally than my involvement with HQ," said Rogowsky while speaking to TMZ.

The charismatic host goes on to note that not only is he thankful for the people who he worked with that helped bring HQ to the top, but for all the fans who kept it thriving long after its peak.

"While the decision to leave HQ was a difficult one, I am delighted to begin this next chapter in my career with the amazing people at MLB and DAZN," added Rogowsky. "If you miss me on HQ, you can now get three hours of me every weeknight watching ChangeUp on DAZN."


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