Injustice 2: Ed Boon Teases Crazy DLC Character Twist and More Guest Characters

We thought we knew who was on the way to the Injustice 2 roster, but now we're questioning [...]

We thought we knew who was on the way to the Injustice 2 roster, but now we're questioning everything after NetherRealm Creatice Director Ed Boon made some choice comments in an interview. The interview in question is with YouTuber "CabooseXBL," and you can hear for yourself what Boon had to say regarding DLC characters around the 4-minute mark. If you don't feel like watching the video, we'll summarize for you below.

Ed is talking about all of the DLC characters flooding the Injusice 2 roster following the reveal of Starfire, Red Hood, and Sub-Zero. He mentions that he and the team knew right away that Red Hood would be one of their additions since he was requested so often by fans. It was the same story for Starfire.

But what about the remaining six DLC characters? We thought we had some good guesses after seeing those silhouettes teased at the end of the first DLC reveal. You can read our educated speculative pieces here and here. However, what Ed Boon says next about what's to come has us thinking we may need to re-think our expectations.

"The ones that are going to be coming, a number of them are these highly requested [characters], and then there's a couple of twists that you will not see coming." Big emphasis there on the "will not see coming" from Boon, so now we're back at square one trying to brainstorm the least likely DLC characters.

Following that comment Sub-Zero is brought up specifically as the first guest character, and Boon is asked whether we can expect to see more guest characters revealed. "It's a pretty strong possibility," he says. As far as we're concerned that's a confirmation, but we'll have to wait for another reveal trailer before we get too excited.

So how about that? It's just like Boon to keep us groping in the dark with only a fanboy's hype to keep us going despite not knowing anything. With the official launch right around the corner (May 16), we'll probably have more info on Injustice 2's DLC roster sooner than later, so stay tuned to WWG for all of the latest!