Insomniac Games Wants A Sunset Overdrive Sequel Just As Much As We Do

One of the more underappreciated games in the Xbox One library right now is Sunset Overdrive, an [...]


One of the more underappreciated games in the Xbox One library right now is Sunset Overdrive, an over-the-top, open world adventure where you take on monsters fueled by energy drinks (imagine that) while using a number of crazy weapons to your advantage. And that's a shame that the game didn't get the audience it deserved, because it's still one hell of a ride to this very day.

And Insomniac Games isn't shying away on how much it loved the game. True, right now it's got its hands full with the Spider-Man game that's coming to PlayStation 4 next year, but the team still has Sunset fresh in its minds. And when a fan asked if the team would ever work on a Sunset Overdrive sequel, it was quick to respond:

"Sunset Overdrive 2, please," the fan noted. And the team answered back, "We'd love to, we just need to find a publisher!" (You can see the original tweet below.)

Insomniac president Ted Price also brought this up during a recent Twitch stream at the company's headquarters, explaining that, in order for Sunset Overdrive 2 to happen, an ideal partner is needed.

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And this brings up an interesting question – why wouldn't Microsoft jump at the chance to make a sequel to one of its more innovative Xbox One releases? Did it not make the money that it was expecting? Or is it trying to lean more on exclusives that it feel will attract an audience? Either way, it doesn't really make much sense, because Sunset Overdrive's sequel could easily expand on the original, like with better co-op support, more crazy weapons (perhaps the ability to create your own) and an even bigger, badder world to take on, filled with energy drink-laden creatures that require takedowns.

Microsoft certainly has the money to fund original efforts for the Xbox One – just look at the cash it's pouring into the upcoming release of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds – so it should give Sunset Overdrive 2 a look before writing it off so easily. And who knows, maybe Sony will generate some interest in the sequel and bring it over to PlayStation 4 for a change, where an even bigger audience might be able to be found. They seem pretty cozy with Insomniac anyway, given their relationship between games like Ratchet and Clank and Spider-Man.

Fingers crossed that we'll see a sequel. For now, though, you can discover the original for just a few bucks on Xbox One. Go for it!