Is Psyonix Making Any Progress With Sony On Cross-Play For Rocket League?

The team at Psyonix want Rocket League to have an unprecedented online experience, and that means [...]


The team at Psyonix want Rocket League to have an unprecedented online experience, and that means pairing up players with others, even if they own different platforms.

It's a neat theory, and almost everyone is on board with it…almost. Nintendo said it has no problems with cross-play when its Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League arrives later this year, Microsoft is all over the idea with its Xbox One version, and obviously, Steam players don't have a problem hooking up with others.

Which leaves…Sony. A few weeks back, the company provided a pretty lame excuse when it comes to not supporting cross-play with games like Rocket League, basically questioning the security of the whole thing. But the developer behind the popular esports favorite hasn't given up, and is still negotiating with Sony to make it a done deal…though it's kind of an uphill struggle.

Psyonix vice president of publishing Jeremy Dunham recently spoke with Engadget about whether any kind of progress was being made with the publisher to allow cross-play, and it doesn't quite sound like it. "There have been slight variations on how it's been presented to us, but essentially it's the same answer," he explained. "It's 'not right now' or 'It's something we'll consider'. That's paraphrasing, but there hasn't been any movement."

The team has been in communication with Sony since Rocket League became such a monumental success in the PlayStation Plus program, but it doesn't sound like they're about to budge anytime soon. And, more than likely, the Rocket League community isn't about to let them off lightly for it.

Considering that other companies are easily on board with the idea – and it's a feature that would make the game more universally accepted across the board, no matter how players are hooking up with it – it just doesn't make sense that Sony isn't joining the party. After all, as we mentioned above, that's where Rocket League first found its popularity. It just makes sense.

C'mon, Sony, it isn't doing your network any harm to let others join the party!

Rocket League is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and will release later this year for Nintendo Switch.