Jade Raymond Discusses Motive's Open World Star Wars Project

Star Wars

Even though some of EA’s progress on Star Wars games might have hit a snag with the closure of Visceral Games and the departure of Amy Hennig, the publisher still apparently has a lot of talent on hand when it comes to its latest open-world project in the series, especially with a particular studio.

Game Informer recently had a chance to sit down with Motive Studios general manager Jade Raymond (remember her from the Assassin’s Creed days, because we do) to discuss how the untitled Star Wars open world project from its studio was moving along. And there appear to be a lot of veterans on board the project.

"Ragtag was being co-developed already with the team in Vancouver, so there was already a group of people who had been collaborating on it," Raymond explained. "The core team there is super, super strong. There are people who had worked on Skate, SSX, and bunch of Need For Speeds back in the day, so there is a core group that was part of EA Black Box when that was a thing. It's people who worked on a lot of non-sports stuff out of Vancouver over the years."

But it’s since grown with even more additions as well. "There are people who worked on Sleeping Dogs, a bunch of people who worked on Prototype, some who worked on a new IP that was kind of open world," Raymond said. "So, there is a mix of people from the original team and people who we supplemented."

Then came the question about following up on the work that Hennig started with her project before it became shelved. "I don't know how much we're saying about that stuff, but the goal is ...we have three terabytes of Star Wars artwork, which is crazy, and there is a lot of really good work there," Raymond concluded. "When we announced we were moving the game, the idea was pivoting more into player agency but still keeping a lot of the stuff that was great about it. There was a lot of really cool stuff like tons of assets and really cool characters that had been created. So, there's the goal of making sure we use all that."


There’s no word as of yet on when we’ll be seeing official details on Motive’s project, but it sounds like they’re particularly driven to delivering a one-of-a-kind experience. Here’s to hoping they pull it off with style.

(Hat tip to Game Informer for the details!)