James Marsden Teases His Relationship With Sonic

Sonic is racing to the big screen, and fans got their first look at footage from the film at CinemaCon. The footage featured a bevy of characters, including Sonic himself as well as our first look at Dr. Robotnik and characters like Tom Wachowski, played by James Marsden. Tom is going to be Sonic's main tether to this new world he finds himself in, and the two are going to grow and change from their time as pseudo partners on this crazy journey according to Marsden, as this is far out of Tom's usual wheelhouse.

Marsden spoke to ComicBook.com at CinemaCon, explaining the unique relationship that forms between a small town cop and an alien sho can soar at the speed of light. "So Tom's a, he's a small town cop and he's trying to figure his life out and what his next step is," Marsden said. "And he's married to Tika Sumter's character and they're trying to figure out the next step in their lives and in comes this character that is from another world and they become friends and they...how do I do this without spoiling it...go on a little journey together and some adventures and they hopefully get their answers to life together."

You can watch the full interview in the video above, but we also got a description of Tom's first meeting with Sonic, which doesn't exactly go smoothly. In fact, it ends with a tranquilizer in someone's leg, and Sonic does not appreciate it at all. He also doesn't like being confined to a backpack, but that's another story.

"Tom finds him, gets startled, and sends a tranquilizer dart into his leg. Later, Sonic explains that he's gonna have to save Tom's planet. Then, he takes out a truck following them before some action sequences come in," the description continues. "Sonic is stuffed into Tom's back and smuggled into an office where people ask, 'Is your child in that bag?' He responds that there is a child but it's not his."

You can find the full footage description right here.

Sonic the Hedgehog is directed by Jeff Fowler and stars Ben Schwartz (Voice of Sonic), Jim Carrey (Dr. Ivo Robotnik), James Marsden (Tom Wachowski), Tika Sumpter, Neal McDonough, and Adam Pally.

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