Kanye West's Donda May Have Been Influenced by Dunkey

Kanye West's highly-anticipated upcoming album, Donda, may have been influenced in a strange way [...]

Kanye West's highly-anticipated upcoming album, Donda, may have been influenced in a strange way by popular gaming YouTuber videogamedunkey. Although it's hard to know for certain if Dunkey is the source of inspiration for one of the tracks that West showcased at this week's Donda listening party in Chicago, the correlation at hand is pretty hard to ignore.

This entire story began weeks ago on August 10th when Dunkey held a stream on his Twitch channel where he told his viewers that he received the entirety of Donda ahead of time. Obviously, this whole situation wasn't truthful and was instead just a gag that Dunkey was doing for fun. Over the course of the stream, Dunkey began playing a number of songs that he claimed were featured on Donda. One of those songs ended up simply being a variation of the YouTube video "I am the Globglogabgalab," which has become a popular internet meme over the years. As it turns out, though, this song is actually one that ended up being associated with Donda.

Earlier this week on August 26, West held a new listening party for Donda in Chicago where he gave fans in attendance the ability to listen to his latest project prior to its official release. This is the third such listening party that West has held for the album over the past month, with each ensuing showcase of Donda proving to be a bit different than before. This time around, to the shock of many fans, West actually ended up incorporating a portion of "I am the Globglogabgalab" into one of his songs. While many fans surely thought nothing of this (other than the fact that it was a bit strange), those that had watched Dunkey's stream over two weeks prior were astonished to see that what was thought to just be a simple joke ended up playing out in real life.

Not long after this correlation between West and the Globglogabgalab video was found, Dunkey took to Twitter to sound off on the matter. "Told you guys I had the Donda drive," Dunkey said on social media as a way to call back to his previous stream. In response, viewers of the content creator still couldn't believe that Dunkey may have somehow had an effect on West to use this song.

At this point in time, there's no way to actually know if Dunkey directly inspired West to sample "I am the Globglogabgalab" for Donda. This could just be the most bizarre coincidence that we've seen in quite some time. Still, the way that things have lined up are almost too good to be true. And if nothing else, the whole matter has definitely provided for some great laughs.

So what do you think about this entire situation? Did Kanye just out himself as a Dunkey viewer and this sample is meant to be a nod to the YouTuber? Or is this just simply a random coincidence and nothing more? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.