"Surprise" New Kingdom Hearts Game Teased

The next big Kingdom Hearts game -- possibly Kingdom Hearts IV -- now has a tentative release [...]

The next big Kingdom Hearts game -- possibly Kingdom Hearts IV -- now has a tentative release window on PS5 and Xbox Series X. During a new interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, series creative director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed what we've already known for a while: he and his team are hard at work on the game in the long-running and nostalgic franchise. Unfortunately, this is all Nomura reveals other than that the next title may "surprise" some and that the team is currently aiming to have it in 2022.

Why is the teaming aiming for 2022? Because that's the series 20-year anniversary. In other words, what better way to celebrate it but with another notable Kingdom Hearts game? At least this is presumably the thinking.

Below, you can check out an excerpt from the interview, translated by "aitaikimochi":

Some have pointed out that word that this game will be a "surprise" rules out it being Kingdom Hearts IV, but not really. There was 14 years between the release of Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts III, so if Kingdom Hearts IV hits within three years of Kingdom Hearts III, it would certainly be a surprise. That said, some will say it can't be Kingdom Hearts IV because this is too quick of a turnaround. Probably true, but not necessarily true. Let's not forget that there were only three years between Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II.

As always, take everything here with a grain of salt. Not because the source is bad, but because information and context gets lost in translation all the time.

At this point, it will still be a little while before we hear about this game. However, in the meantime, Kingdom Hearts fans have Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories, which will release this November, to hold them over.