Layers of Fear Remake Will Remove Hilarious Viral Meme

The upcoming remake of Layers of Fear will not include one of the most hilarious moments from the original game. The horror genre is one that has dramatically evolved over the last couple of decades in gaming. We went from creepy, survival horror games like Resident Evil which utilized tank controls and a third person camera to create tension to first-person horror. While some of these still embraced things like violent combat, some horror games realized you could scare and immerse players more by making it first-person and limiting how much control they had against the creepy foes/ghosts/etc. Layers of Fear does something similar, but it's much more psychological, so you're not really facing zombies or whatever, it's just weird, unsettling stuff that toys with your mind.

However, one viral clip from Twitch streamer Jerma985 revealed that a rather creepy moment can also be absurdly funny. Layers of Fear requires you to trigger a lot of its spooks and the streamer figured out you could make a child/doll repeatedly ram itself into a table in a super comical fashion. However, as you may have assumed, this was not Bloober Team's intentions and tragically, it will not be in the remake. got to ask the developer if this moment would return in its upcoming remake of Layers of Fear and while the developer was amused by the idea, they noted it had been removed from the game. 

It's unclear if the entire segment has been removed or if just the ability to repeatedly trigger it for comedic effect has been disabled, but either way, don't expect to find as many unintentionally humorous moments in this upcoming remake. Bloober Team did note, however, that it listened to what fans enjoyed about the original Layers of Fear and took it on a case by case basis from there. So, we can probably expect a fair number of changes in this remake from the original game while still keeping the original vision intact.