League of Legends Reveals 2022 Season Rewards

League of Legends players who've been grinding through the 2022 season and increasing their ranks over time finally know what rewards they'll be getting for all their troubles. Riot Games revealed this week the rewards for the ranked season which include a Victorious Sejuani skin for those who reached at least Gold this year as well as other rewards based on other achievements. The season comes to a close on November 14th, so those who haven't quite made it to where they want to be just yet have until then to make it happen.

Sejuani being the recipient of this year's Victorious skin shouldn't be much of a surprise to those who've watched the boar rider's rise in popularity throughout the season. The champion was seen frequently in public matches as well as in the competitive scene not only in the jungle but also in the top lane. Victorious Sejuani goes to anyone who hits Gold with chromas for the skin awarded to players as well.

"The Victorious Sejuani Skin will be granted to any player who has reached Gold or higher in Summoner's Rift Solo/Duo or Flex," Riot's support article on the topic said. "This year, we're awarding unique Victorious Sejuani chromas for both queues. Players who place Platinum (and up) in Solo/Duo and Flex-queue gameplay will earn the preceding chromas from their respective queues."

For those who at least finished ranked placements, you'll get the Eternals Sejuani Series 1 set no matter what rank you finished the season at. Ranked profile icons as well as profile banners will also be awarded to players based on what their highest rank was for the season. Clash rewards will also be awarded to players based on how well they and their teams did, rewards that include icons, logos, and banners once more.

For those who've admirably remained honorable throughout their ranked climbs as far as the game's Honor system is concerned, you may have a shot at the Malzahar skin previously revealed by Riot. It's called "Three Honors Malzahar," and it's only going to be given away to those who've reached Honor Level 5 during this season.