League of Legends Buffs Akshan Following Incredibly Low Win Rate

Just yesterday, Riot Games released Akshan, the newest mid lane marksman champion in its [...]

Just yesterday, Riot Games released Akshan, the newest mid lane marksman champion in its ever-popular MOBA League of Legends. However, much as we have become used to with new champion releases in LoL, the win rate for Akshan was incredibly low. While much of this low win rate likely derives from the fact that players might not be too familiar with how his abilities work, Riot clearly feels as though his base stats were a bit too low and has now moved them up just a bit.

Riot announced earlier today that it had pushed out a new buff for Akshan with the hope of seeing his win rate go up by about two percent. Prior to this buff going live, Akshan boasted a dismal 34% win rate around the world, which is drastically low. For reference, the win rates for a majority of LoL champions tend to hover right around 50%. So to see Akshan's win percentage number being this low definitely raised a red flag with Riot.

To help make Akshan a bit better, Riot increased a handful of his baseline statistics. Specifically, this included moving his standard health from 530 to 560, in addition to boosting his attack damage to 52 from the previous 50. Lastly, the cooldown on Akshan's Q ability now will sit between eight and five seconds depending on its level. Previously, the cooldown was a bit higher and fell between eight and six seconds.

It remains to be seen if these Akshan buffs prove to accomplish what Riot is hoping that they will, but more data will surely be coming through over the weekend. We'll keep you posted here on ComicBook.com if any further changes end up being made to the character.

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