League Of Legends' Arcade Event Is Ending Soon

League of Legends’ Arcade Boss World event feels like it was just recently launched, but the [...]

League Of Legends Arcade
(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends' Arcade Boss World event feels like it was just recently launched, but the missions and special content will reach their end in just one short week.

With limited-time tickets, new Battle Boss skins, and Arcade-themed prizes and missions galore, the event offers quite a few buyable loot options. If you're not about spending real-world money, there are still plenty of incentives through the missions to earn special Orbs that have a chance to drop rare skins.

In a reminder post released by Riot Games, they reminded players of all the various Arcade opportunities to take advantage of before they disappear:

Complete missions to earn tickets: Complete the first mission Villains Rule! to begin your quest. Anyone can then complete the first two mission lines, with the Dungeon Pass granting access to the final three. Missions expire 8/24/17 23:59 PT.

Redeem tickets for exclusive loot: Take your tickets to the counter to redeem event-only icons and orbs. After Arcade Boss World ends on 8/24/17 23:59 PT, you'll have until 9/11/17 23:59 PT to redeem leftover tickets into rewards. If you don't craft the tickets by the deadline, they will disappear.

Continue your game with the Dungeon Pass: Continue your game with daily missions, extra mission lines, and other exclusive bonuses. If you've already got the Mini-Dungeon Pass, the full Dungeon Pass cost will be deducted from it. Passes expire on 8/24/17 23:59 PT.

The daily missions that compose the Arcade event consist of goals that include killing tons of minions, winning a certain amount of games, and accumulating assists throughout your matches. Some of them also task players with playing alongside certain Battle Boss champions like Blitzcrank and even Final Boss Veigar.

Many of the missions are available for free as long as you equip an Arcade Summoner's Icon and complete the goals, but others are also locked behind an RP cost. Buying a Dungeon Pass allows you to complete more missions, but with the missions that are available for free, players are at least able to craft more expensive Orbs if they save up their tickets.

The Arcade event is ending soon, so make sure you redeem those tickets and get in some Battle Boss action while you still can.