League of Legends' Bruisers Are "Struggling," Buffs Being Considered

Some of the most aggressive fighters in League of Legends haven’t been able to adequately [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

Some of the most aggressive fighters in League of Legends haven't been able to adequately perform their job after the preseason update, but that'll change soon after some buff options are evaluated.

The bruisers that exist in the top lane should be able to pose threats to squishier targets and perhaps even entire teams thanks to their snowballing nature, but it's been noticed that they aren't doing this as often with the new runes. Part of the reason for the subclass falling behind could be due to poor rune optimization when dealing with stats like attack speed, according to Riot Meddler.

"All are bruisers struggling in the new ecosystem, in particular because attack speed's not so valuable on them so Precision keystones are less applicable," Meddler explained in a Gameplay Thoughts post. "Possible other candidates should also be considered here, also possible there's a missing rune needed to support some of these champs. Or that buffing them in general and letting them pick from a wider range of runes is the better call."

Meddler specifically highlighted three champions in his bruiser discussion: Riven, Darius, and Camille. The "other candidates" that was mentioned means that there might be more champions within this subclass that are in need of buffs in the coming patches, but these three stand out as those that are on the radar for buffs at the moment.

New runes being added for the champions would be a possibility as Meddler mentioned, but it seems more likely that they'll be buffed before that. Adding runes – even Keystone Runes – later on after the Runes Reforged update was something that Riot Games said they're planning for anyway, sometimes even to target specific groups of champions. Adding a new rune would affect everyone else as well though with every champion being able to use it, something that could easily lead to a slight bruiser buff and a larger buff elsewhere.

No other information was provided on what specific types of buffs each of the bruisers might be receiving if they buff them on a champion-by-champion basis, but keep practicing them with the new runes to prepare for potential buffs.