League of Legends: Buffs to Kindred and Gnar in 7.13

It's now been two patches since the Kindred rework, and despite what some of the early PBE footage [...]

Gnar 1
(Photo: Riot Games)

It's now been two patches since the Kindred rework, and despite what some of the early PBE footage led us to believe, the rework was a failure. While Kindred is no longer the worst jungler in the game like she was on release -- Rek'Sai hs taken over that position -- she's still not exactly in a balanced state.

Gnar, on the other hand, has gone largely unnnoticed since his last round of nerfs over a year ago. He's been a rare sight on Summoner's Rift ever since his rage gauge became even more difficult for the average player to deal with. It's difficult enough for coordinated teams of professional players to pull off a Gnar pick, getting much mileage out of him in solo queue is a near impossible feat by comparison.

All hope has not died for either of these champions, however, as Meddler was pretty vocal about giving them both a bit of love, and in the very near future. Next patch, in fact.

"Early assessment of the 7.12 patch suggests the buffs there may not have been enough to put Kindred in a good spot," He began. "We're still evaluating whether that's the case or not, on the belief it probably is though we're going to be looking at some follow up buffs, likely in 7.13. Possible targets include E base damage and looking at number of marks needed for the AA range increase after the initial 4 marks."

"We've been trying out some Gnar changes recently, looking at both adding a bit of power and whether his play pattern needs a bit of work too," he continued. "That's included looking at things like moving his % health damage from his W to his Q. After some testing we'll probably be going with some simpler changes though, conclusion being he mainly just needs a bit of power. Likely targets are mini Q base damage and mega E range, might see those on PBE shortly."

Whether or not these changes will be enough to bring either champion back to the forefront is another question, but it's a step in the right direction. Kindred, in particular, is pretty far away from being a relevant champion at the moment, so it's going to take a bit more than a light touch to bring her in line. Whether or not Riot is willing to risk making her overpowered by showing her too much love is the question, as we all know how dominant she can be when she's on the upper end of the power spectrum.