'League of Legends' Teases a Lighthearted Cats vs. Dogs Event

League of Legends’ Versus series is making a return this year with a new event, but it won’t [...]

League of Legends' Versus series is making a return this year with a new event, but it won't be quite as serious as the ones seen in previous years.

In a video update which discussed Riot Games' plans for the 2019 season regarding new skins, events were also discussed with Carlos "I Am Carlos" Giffoni, a producer from the skins team. The Rioter said that different events throughout the year would feature skin lines such as the PROJECT, Star Guardian, and Arcade themes, and a new Versus event will decide whether cats or dogs are better.

"You have really been showing up for our Versus events, so much so that we're going to do it again this year," the Rioter said in the Season 2019 update. "But it won't be the usual Legendary vs. Legendary edgelord skins. Instead, it's gonna be a much more light-hearted experience. We are going to finally answer the lifelong question of who is better in Cats Versus Dogs."

That part of the video was accompanied with another teaser that shows what appears to be Fizz judging from the reskinned Seastone Trident next to him, but the champion looks quite different if that is what the teaser's supposed to be. Instead, the recall animation shows a dog digging in the ground before flying back to its base. Pug'Maw is already an existing cosmetic, so it wouldn't be unheard of to see other champions transformed into animals, though Fizz's dog skin looks quite different compared to the base champion.

Past Versus events, as the Rioter point out, could definitely be considered edgelord fights between different champions who got some striking new skins to accompany their fight. An Order Versus Chaos event pitted Riven against Yasuo with Dawnbringer Riven and Nightbringer Yasuo released to commemorate the event. A war between Darius and Garen followed with those two getting God-King skins, so if the next event features cats and dogs, it'll be a dramatic shift from the past events players have seen.

A start date for the new cats and dogs Versus event wasn't provided, but look for it to begin at some point during the 2019 season.