League of Legends Champion and Skin Sale Nov. 28 – Dec. 1

A new champion and skin sale is almost here to roll League of Legends players into December, and [...]

League of Legends Beast Hunter
(Photo: Riot Games)

A new champion and skin sale is almost here to roll League of Legends players into December, and it's bringing some sinister skins and powerful AD champions with it.

Discounts on Bard, Pool Party Lee Sin, and Tango Evelynn are still live in the client for now, but they'll soon be replaced by four new champions and skins. Whether you're looking into the sales for a new top laner or just want to equip your jungler or mid laner with a flashy new skin, you'll find what you need in these sales.

Check out all of the champions and skins that are going on sale soon for half of their original RP price in the League of Legends store:


  • Pantheon for 395 RP
  • Renekton for 440 RP
  • Kalista for 487 RP
  • Yasuo for 487 RP


  • Royal Shaco for 260 RP
  • Beast Hunter Sejuani for 375 RP
  • Superb Villain Veigar for 487 RP
  • Gravelord Azir for 675 RP

You'll get the biggest bang for your buck by far if you go after Kalista, Yasuo, or the Gravelord Azir skin with those options being the most expensive in the sales when at their normal price, but the half-off discount makes them cost next to nothing compared to other options. The Royal Shaco and the Beast Hunter Sejuani skins both won't break the bank either, and though they might not be the skin options that players would choose for the champs most often, their lowered price is a perfect jumping point if you're new to the champ but still think you'll stick with them.

Of course, the sale might have an undesired side effect on solo queue games with an influx of certain champions possibly coming soon. With Yasuo and Pantheon both on sale for half of their RP costs, anyone who's depleted their Blue Essence bank by the time the Essence Emporium closes today might end up buying the new champions with some RP. If that's the case, you can expect to see these snowballing fighters showing up in your top lane a bit more frequently during and after this sale is available.