'League of Legends' Champion and Skin Sale August 22-25

A new round of League of Legends champions and skins is scheduled to go on sale tomorrow that [...]

Pool Party
(Photo: Riot Games)

A new round of League of Legends champions and skins is scheduled to go on sale tomorrow that includes fish, rats, and even some Pentakill skins.

With multiple options for whatever role you might find yourself filling in League, the champions and skins on sale this time are pretty diverse with at least something for every position. Each of the items listed will be available for half-off, but only for a limited time, so you'll have to move quick if you want to trade in some RP for these deals before they're gone.

Below are all of the champions and skins that are discounted during this brief sale with their new RP prices listed next to them:


Commando Jarvan IV for 260 RP

Pentakill Karthus for 375 RP

Lunar Godess Diana for 487 RP

Pool Party Zac for 675 RP


Twitch for 395 RP

LeBlanc for 395 RP

Jarvan IV for 440 RP

Nami for 487 RP

As far as the skins are concerned, even the cheaper options here still aren't bad at all considering the relevance of all four champions at the moment. Jarvan IV still sees quite a bit of play as a jungler and a top laner, and even though the Commando skin line isn't his best, it's a cheap option for a currently popular champion. Karthus isn't picked near as often in the mid lane, but with the recent Pentakill album and the hype around Pentakill Kayle, Pentakill Karthus being on sale is the perfect opportunity to pick up a skin for the lead singer of the metal group.

Zac's Pool Party skin is definitely the biggest discount among the skins, though, a champion that's persisted through numerous nerfs to be a powerful jungler with ample CC in ganks and teamfights.

Jarvan IV finds himself listed once again in the champions that are on sale at only 440 RP, meaning that if you wanted to add the jungler to your roster, you could potentially get both Jarvan IV and a new skin for less RP than a full-price champion.

These champions and skins will go on sale soon and will be available from Aug. 22-25.