League Of Legends Champion And Skin Sale July 11-14

More League of Legends skins and champions are about to go on sale in the store once again, four [...]

Skin Sale
(Photo: Riot Games)

More League of Legends skins and champions are about to go on sale in the store once again, four skins and four champs, all of them being half off of their normal RP price for just a limited time.

There are no champions or skins for champs on the list this time that have imminent reworks on the horizon, so unlike the last bundle of sales that featured Aatrox for a discounted price, you won't be able to get a leg up on any Urgot or Evelynn skins. Still, there are a couple of options coming up in the next few days' sales that might help out some newcomers as well as those who have spent a bit more time on certain champs. Below is the full list of the champions and skins that are going on sale as well as their discounted prices:


  • Earthrune Skarner for 260 RP
  • Blood Moon Shen for 375 RP
  • Frostfire Annie for 487 RP
  • Dragon Trainer Lulu for 675 RP


  • Quinn for 487 RP
  • Malzahar for 440 RP
  • Zilean for 292 RP
  • Miss Fortune for 395 RP

Like usual, the skins are likely some of the best options that players can pick up with this sale despite not all of them being entirely relevant in the current meta. Skarner certainly doesn't see much play in the jungle anymore, and though the champ has been listed previously by Rioters as one that will need an eventual rework even after his Juggernaut update, he doesn't seem to be taking high priority on the list. It's hard to go wrong with any of the Blood Moon skins though, and Lulu's Dragon Trainer skin is typically at a pretty high price, so the sale definitely helps.

Sadly, the champions that are on sale fall short this time around as none of the ones listed are particularly contested picks at the moment. Quinn is the most expensive of the list being discounted from 975 RP, but the Marksman hasn't seen much play in the bot lane compared to Jhin, Caitlyn, and other picks.

All of these skins and champions will go on sale starting on July 11 with the sale ending on July 14 to bring about a new batch of discounts.