League of Legends Champion and Skin Sale Nov. 17 - 20

Time to get down on some more League of Legends savings as we gear up for the next rotation of [...]

Time to get down on some more League of Legends savings as we gear up for the next rotation of champion and skin sales. Once more players can buy the skins and champions they've been lusting after for 50% off, making those beloved Riot Points stretch a little bit longer for a more rewarding play experience. This week's sale brings out your academic side with Darius, as well as a few badass champions for half of the Riot Points.

Just like previous weeks, there are four champions and four skins total. Each unit will be 50% off until the end date on November 6th. Why buy one champion when you can get two for the same Riot Points price? Let's start with the skins.

Skins - Olaf, Darius, Master Yi, and Rammus

image (21)
(Photo: Forsaken Olaf - 260 RP)
image (22)
(Photo: Academy Darius - 375 RP)
image (23)
(Photo: Headhunter Master Yi - 487 RP)
image (24)
(Photo: Guardian of the Sands Rammus - 487 RP)

In addition to the four skins being available for half off, there are also a new rotation of champions for sale as well. Now's the chance to try out the likes of Quinn, Rumble, Lux, and Aatrox for a much better price for League players on the fence.

  • Quinn "Demacia's Wings" - 487 RP
  • Rumble "The Mechanized Menace" - 440 RP
  • Lux "The Lady of Luminosity" - 395 RP
  • Aatrox "The Darkin Blade" - 487 RP

The only thing different about this coming week's sales is that many League of Legends players were quick to note that Forsaken Olaf went into the legacy vault already, so it is possible that this particular skin was posted in error. The sale goes live on Friday the 17th, so we'll know for sure then, though it wouldn't be the first time that the vault opened again for a limited amount of time.

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