Amumu, Other 'League of Legends' Champions Ranked as High Priority for Updates

A list of League of Legends champions being considered for reworks has picks like Amumu, Dr. [...]

League of Legends Amumu
(Photo: Riot Games)

A list of League of Legends champions being considered for reworks has picks like Amumu, Dr. Mundo, and Rammus among others who are all regarded as high-priority contenders for the updates.

Ryan "Riot Reav3" Mireles commented on a League of Legends boards post to give some insight into Riot Games' current thinking for upcoming champion updates. Prompted by a question from a reader, the gameplay producer — who heads up the Champion Roadmaps that lay out solid plans for new champions and reworks — shared a list of champions whom Riot Games feel are in need of Visual and Gameplay Update.

Included in the list of champions Riot Reav3 and other Rioters are looking at for updates is Amumu, Dr. Mundo, Corki, Fiddlesticks, Mordekaiser, Nocturne, Rammus, Pantheon, and Volibear. No indication was given to suggest that these champions are ranked by highest priority with the champs being presented in the exact order listed here, but the list confirms that each of these champions are being strongly considered for updates.

The Rioter also discussed the process of picking a champion to rework over another, something that's often brought up when a rework is announced and certain players feel like another character should've been considered first. After clarifying a previous comment about a potential Wukong rework and adding that player requests are indeed taken into consideration, he used Nunu and Mordekaiser as examples for how reworks are decided on.

"For example, a Champion like Nunu was highly requested in all Riot regions for a VGU, had outdated gameplay, and very low quality art, which makes him a higher priority than Wukong who is only requested highly in some regions, has decent but not great gameplay, and has decent but not great art," Riot Reav3 said. "Champions like Nunu or Morde are generally going to be higher value then a Champion like Wukong for a VGU (At least right now)."

He added that Ezreal's update, one that's listed as a visual and "minor gameplay" update, differs from the typical pattern. Ezreal's current state is nowhere near the others who are listed as high-priority champions to be updated, but he said that if Ezreal's minor VGU works out, it could open the door for Wukong and others to get their own small-scale reworks.

"Ezreal is obviously a Champion that also bucks this trend, and if Ezreal goes really well and smaller VgUs are something we do more often in the future, Wukong could be a good candidate for something like that as well," Riot Reav3 added.

The champion update schedule currently has Ezreal's VGU releasing next now that Nunu & Willump are available with Kayle and Morgana following that update.