League of Legends Devs Explain Why Your Favorite Champions Haven't Gotten Legendary Skins

If your favorite League of Legends champion hasn’t yet received a Legendary cosmetic or they [...]

If your favorite League of Legends champion hasn't yet received a Legendary cosmetic or they haven't gotten one in a while, Riot Games probably has an explanation for the lack of the rare skin. As explained by the creators of League in their latest Ask Riot post, that reason could be a number of different things ranging from the frequency at which the champion gets skins to what other skins that champion have gotten in the past. And as always, the popularity of a champion is a significant factor.

Those reasons and more were expanded on in the Ask Riot post that started with the question of Legendary skins and the processes for choosing the cosmetics' recipients. Riot DevinSage, a producer working on League, said first and foremost, champions which are "pretty broadly popular" are chosen most often. These coveted skins take more time than Epics to create, the producer said, which means they aren't given out as freely as others. They often feature distinctly different appearances and effects for champions with Spirit Blossom Thresh, Cosmic Lux, Solar Eclipse Leona, and God Fist Lee Sin just a few examples of Legendary cosmetics.

Popularity aside, Riot DevinSage laid out a few other considerations. When was the last time the champion got a skin? While some champions certainly get more skins than others, two skins releasing back-to-back for one champion would crowd both releases, so a champion likely wouldn't get a Legendary at any given time if they already had a skin planned.

One thing the skins listed above have in common is that they all fit into distinct themes, and after seeing the execution of the skin ideas, they fit into them well. If there's a planned thematic that's getting a Legendary and a particular champion doesn't fit into that theme, they're obviously crossed off the list. Their past skins are also a consideration. If a champion has a ton of sci-fi skins, Riot DevinSage said as an example, they wouldn't be a smart fit for a Legendary that was geared towards that same aesthetic.

Finally, there's the story around the skin to consider. Those who follow the release of these sorts of skins closely will know that there's lore and entire alternate realities built around different skin themes. How those stories would "elevate the fantasy" of a champion is something Riot Games also considers.

The Ask Riot post expanded on the idea of Legendary skins a bit more and addressed other topics as well that can be read through in full here.